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Air Freight

Let your freight and business take flight.

Blue Line Seashore Shipping LLC along with our alliance partners offers complete range of air freight solutions including DG (Dangerous Goods) cargo handling. Our services extend to every major country in the world. Depending on the requirement of customers, we provide normal & priority air freight services using tier one rates from premium airlines. We execute AWB (Air Way Bills) of all major carriers and issue Delivery Order within our office through Calogi. Our commercial team is highly trained and experienced in industry standard methodologies and execute best in class service level standards. Our commitment to each customer is to provide the best solution for all your cargo aircraft chartering needs ranging from full to split charter flights. We provide solutions for bulk air cargo via part or full chartering the aircraft. We also offer dedicated consolidation services to markets like Afghanistan, Iraq and CIS sectors and provide solution for shipments on door to door, door to airport and airport to airport regardless of size or weight.